Music is among the most basic types of human expression. For over 150 years it has actually been Our Business stated objective to bring the happiness of music making to individuals all over the world, to offer them with the very best possible instruments so that they can find their own musical imagination and experience the psychological and communicative power of music on their own.


To satisfy these goals, Our Company not just works carefully with widely known artists, however likewise with enthusiasts, beginners, and instructors. Whether in management, the R&D department or in production, many Our Company employees are passionate artists themselves and are likewise carefully familiar with market advancements. This guarantees that our instruments are constantly attuned to the existing requirements of the gamer

Today our variety varies from harmonicas and accordions to melodic as, recorders and guitars along with kids's instruments. At the business, state of- the-art accuracy tools, continuously enhanced production approaches and finest workmanship come together to produce top-notch musical instruments which are offered in over 85 nations.